About Us

Mrs Atahlia Daye Roger President


 Atahlia Daye Rogers, currently a Teacher at Sundial School was born on St, Maarten and after a long history of writing and directing

stage-plays, she proudly debuted the hour-long movie 'Mother Knows Best' red carpet style on 19th May 2016, the first of its kind on the  island.  

She  studied at Miltons Peters College and  
studied Business Economy / Education at the University of the Virgin Islands and has undertaken the challenge to proudly serve  as President of Write The Vision Production Foundation

Joseph Rogers Treasurer


Joseph Rogers studied at Milton Peters College and brings his expertise as manager / owner of Gas King to his office as  Treasurer of Write The Vision Production Foundation.

Ms. Fredericka Givans Secretary






Write the Vision Production Foundation aims to produce  educational films, documentaries, and poetry that would serve  as the following:


a. To foster awareness, preservation, and intervention, promoting youth lifestyle choices effecting change;

b. to assist parents/families with information and methods to raise their children;

c. to stimulate the consciousness of the youth towards the society in which they live;

d. to develop and educate individuals in a manner which promotes independence, personal choice, and   

      individual dignity;

e. to promote nationalism and respect for country;

f. to embrace humanity and promote hope and positivity;

g. to encourage participation in a broad range of opportunities while ensuring that each individual has a  

   chance to reach their own maximum God-given creative potential;

2.  To do all and everything related to the above mentioned in the broadest sense of the word.